It's incredible. 15 days ago, I finished my Yoga Teacher Training at the Wild Rose studio with Pranaya and left Rishikesh where I lived for 5 weeks. When I went there, I didn't know what to expect. I don't even know if I had a particular expectation in the end? In any case, the experience I have lived is beyond what I could have imagined.

5 weeks of sore muscles, pinching in the joints, tears, laughter, questions, mosquito bites, sweat, a lot of sweat…
This is the richest experience to date lived.

We recommend YTTI Rishikesh for Yoga Teacher Training.

Daily program:

  • 7h00-9h30: morning practice
  • 9:30 am-12:00pm: break
  • 12h00-14h00: theory and practice
  • 14h00-15h00: break
  • 15h00-17h00: practice and postural adjustment
  • 5.30-7.00pm: Bakthi Yoga (Sundays)

Hatha and Vinyasa oriented physical practice

The training was mainly focused on the practice of Hatha and Vinyasa. We had 2.5 hours of practice in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. 4:30 a day. Let's be honest: it was intense. Many of us have seen our bodies wear down over the days.
As far as I'm concerned, I really started to tire at the end of the third week. But curiously, it motivated me. Because it made me want to go further and get out of my comfort zone.

From the first week, we were thrown into the great bath of teaching. Start by giving a lesson of 15 minutes to one person, then 30 minutes to two others, then 30 minutes to 5 people, to finish by 1 hour for the whole group.

This progression in teaching is undoubtedly a strong point in my opinion. Nobody was afraid. Everyone was excited to give their own lesson with their own words, their own vibrations.


My training included 25 hours of anatomy. So yes, it was complex, especially when you have no background or scientific or medical sensitivity. The idea of ​​reading the manual we received could have given anyone a headache. But how interesting it was! Because the courses were little focused on theory and largely on practice.

To understand what was going on in my body when I felt a pinch between my pelvis and my hip or an overly intense stretch behind my knee, I practised the postures in real-time, felt what was happening, took notes, tested and re-tested the posture.

Understanding how to keep your knees healthy, better align your hips to maintain a good range of motion or lengthen your spine to reduce the risk of tears or ruptured discs… it was exciting!

These 25 hours, and the extraordinary Gernot Huber, allowed me to anticipate the annoyances that I might feel in the future, but also to explain to the students what is happening in their bodies, where before I could not answer their questions.

Another point, as the back problems constitute the evil of our Century, I was particularly interested in the asanas which were recommended if one wishes to correct certain postural problems.
I see indeed every day, everywhere, in all situations, people who have a “natural” posture resulting from our lifestyle: poorly seated on our chair, leaning on our desk, neck under tension and head bowed towards our smartphone… A disaster for our spine! And Gernot brilliantly explained to us the postures that allow significant improvements for the back if we practice them seriously.

History and Philosophy of Yoga

Many stories explaining the Philosophy around Buddhism and the birth of Yoga are from legends. So we believe it or we don't believe it. But these courses were a welcome parenthesis in our practice. And besides, I learned that “Yoga” does not mean “Unite” or “Union” as everyone seems to assert.

"Yoga" which actually comes from the root "Yuj", would rather mean "To contemplate" or "Application of means".

Introduction to Ayurveda

The revelation of this training! Ayurveda, I had heard of it, but not enough to understand this discipline.

“Ayur” which means “Life” and “Veda” which means “Science”, a science of Life which was established thanks to the observation of nature and what surrounds us, where we realized that every living organism is made up of 5 elements (Ether, Air, Earth, Water, Fire) which work in synergy and form 3 vital energies which circulate.

The energies Vata (movement), Pitta (transformation) and Kapha (matter) are present in all beings at different percentages. And while there is always dominant energy within us, the balance of 3 keeps you healthy.

What I understand is that Ayurveda is largely common sense. Roughly speaking, Ayurveda considers that our happiness or our unhappiness results from our state of health. Thus, to balance our body and our mind, it is a matter of putting into practice good eating and living habits.
If the tips are applied correctly, we can see a significant improvement in our well-being.

It may be explained a little quickly, but the idea is there.

In any case, it is a science that interests me and that I would like to discover more during workshops or other.

Life in Rishikesh

The wonderful discovery that was Rishikesh. In 5 weeks, I covered it long, wide and cross!

You can find temples on every street corner. Small and especially huge. Excellent vegetarian restaurants far from the main streets like AUM Vegetarian or Morning Glory. Markets like the JingJai Market, reserved for producers of organic fruits and vegetables and artisanal products.

I wandered around Rishikesh without the slightest apprehension and with the idea of ​​welcoming what was going to present itself to me.

What I get out of it…

I have long thought about making this trip.
When I decided in October 2018, I thought about it every day until June 2019 when I left.

It was very exciting to go alone for 5 weeks, to a place where I had no bearings and where I didn't know anyone. But also, it was scary. But I think it was more a healthy pressure than really something stressful.

These are 5 weeks during which I was able to meet extraordinary people. In our group, the participants came from Chile, South Korea, Canada or even Venezuela. We all had very different life paths, from opposite cultures and languages. But it was so simple to communicate, to have real and deep conversations together. Very strong ties have been formed with some, whom I know I will see again.

Finally, it is also the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself, to refocus, to question yourself. Of course, going on a Yoga course for 4 days is appreciated. Go on vacation for 2 weeks, too. But to go to the other end of the world, alone, without really knowing what is going to happen, it is a really beneficial break. I can only recommend everyone to do it at least once in their life.



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